Repair Prices

Set Up

Cleaning and oiling of fingerboard, Minor fretwork and polishing, Nut and saddle adjustment (including intonation and string height action), Truss rod adjustment – 70 euros

Nut and Saddle Replacements

Nut in bone – 40 euros

Saddle in bone – 35 euros

12 string guitars – Nut – 50 euros, Saddle – 40 euros


Partial refret including full fret dress, profiling and set up – 140 euros

Full refret and set up – 230 euros*

*Stainless steel frets + 65 euros

*Full refret plus binding and/or with varnished fingerboard – 325 euros

Other Repairs and Restorations

All other repairs and restorations, including splits, cracks, varnish, neck resets, tuning key replacements, are subject to evaluation depending on the scope of work involved, and quality of materials required.

All restorations and repairs are carried out to the highest standards possible, using quality materials.

Ordering Guitars

All acoustic guitars prices are individually priced depending on specifications and materials used.

Each guitar takes around 6 weeks to make. There is normally a waiting time depending on the current workload.

*All prices exclude 21% (Tax) TVA.

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