Restoration of 19th C Early Romantic Austro-Hungarian Guitar

Ongoing restoration and improvements.Reshaping the support bars to lift and balance out the basses and trebles better.
Flattened out collapsed bridge and soundhole areas. New soundhole supports.
All being coated in shellac to help prevent moisture penetration.

Bridge plate area.. new bushings and some light filler around small gaps. Preparing for new bridge plate.

3 areas on sides with cracking. This is due to the back support ends resting on the sides has pushed the sides out as the maple back has naturally shrank over 100 years. To be repaired. This is a good example of why not to put support bars to the edge, especially with maple back and sides.
Restoring maple edges. One crack repair, repaired with glue. Hot water, with side profiled clamping cauls. Leave for a week in clamps. Hope that the side edges reformed. Then repair the linings.

In saying that..I’ll leave it in extra days as its raining all week here in Brussels. Hoping a couple more drier days after so the form drys out more solid.

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