Brussels based craftsman Ray Beattie is a Scottish musician-turned-luthier with more than twenty years of experience behind him. All of his work is handmade, and each guitar is created under a consistently and carefully monitored environment to further withstand the tests of time.

The best quality tone-woods are carefully selected and paired together, producing various timbres of warmth, sharpness, softness, brightness and attack. Even clear tone across the basses and trebles up and down the neck, with a good balanced mid-range, a good sustain and comfort in playabilty are integrated within each and every guitar produced.

As each and every guitar leaves the workshop, the overall tonal quality only matures and improves year after year, releasing all natural undertones, becoming much more dynamic in richness, sweetness, depth, warmth, clarity and projection.

Every guitar produced by Ray is a unique piece in quality of craftsmanship, design and tone.

 Becoming a luthier

Ray Beattie played a mixture of blues, folk and rock in bands around Glasgow in the 1990s before embarking first on furniture design and then guitar making at Anniesland College. He then moved to London Metropolitan Museum (the former London College of Furniture) where he achieved his BA with first class honours in musical instrument making followed by a Masters with distinction in the department of Musical Instrument Technology.

He established his atelier in Brussels in 2020 where he designs and crafts his own high-quality semi-acoustic guitars with further focus on repair and restoration of stringed instruments

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